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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday work

Currently being between sculpting assignments, I was asked by Reaper Miniatures to help with the production on the pewter figure of the Highland Stalker mount for Everquest!

It has entailed a LOT of polishing, some spray sealing and packaging but is still cool to be part of the process. Click on the links to see how you can get your very own.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt Dixon's Babes in metal

Impact! Miniatures announced Tuesday the release of two licensed minis based on Matt Dixon's art, that will be available starting in February.

This is significant because - well . . . I sculpted them!

They have posted a little preview thread all about it over at their forms. Feel free to hop on over there and check out the discussion through the courtesy of THIS LINK!

December News!

Reaper released the Illyrian Scout mini today!

He is available in the Reaper Asylum online store for a mere $3.99! Waste no time and order hundreds! - - - - > Click Here

This character may seem familiar since he is the same type of alien as Smap. Smap was a character I created 25 years ago for a sci fi short film idea. He has since appeared in an unpublished comic and two animated shorts (which are misplaced that I'm still looking for). A couple of years back I sculpted him as a limited edition figure for my own line of boutique miniatures. More recently his species has been the subject for development of a sci fi tabletop battle game. I have written quite a bit about the little critters so be expecting to see more of them.