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Gallery - Sculpting

Druid Gone Wilder - 2012 GenCon Exclusive, Privateer Press

Nadezhda the Ice Witch, Reaper Miniatures

Cleric of Callistria, Pathfinder

Finaela, Reaper Minitures

King Irovetti, Pathfinder

Farilor, Privateer Press
The Signal, Dark Sword Miniatures

Armored Female Fighter, Dark Sword Miniatures

Chivane Red Mantis Assassin, Reaper Pathfinder

Farrah Sci-Fi Heroine, Reaper Chronoscope

Maria Fem-bot, Reaper Chronoscope

Nature Warden, Reaper Pathfinder

Bloodstone Gnome, Reaper Warlord

Rhinah of the Wild, Rusted Heroes