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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pathfinder - Cleric of Urgathoa

 Reaper and Paizo have posted a preview of the Cleric of Urgathoa figure I sculpted for the Pathfinder range.

The pose for this figure made for a very challenging sculpt due to the negative space in the original art. It was also pretty tricky to get the scythe handle to line up properly and still be thick enough to allow for molding and casting.

Here are a couple of other views.


Lamia - Center Stage Miniatures

Here is the new Lamia piece I sculpted for Center Stage Miniatures. The focus was to make it "old school D&D" in flavor. Below is a series of progress shots I photographed during various stages of the sculpting process.

Vicky and I also painted their studio model which is featured in their online store.

Pathfinder's Merisiel, Iconic Elf Rogue

In anticipation of the release of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box I have completed a revised Merisiel sculpt of the Iconic Elf Rogue character. Her pose is reminiscent of the action from the box cover art and is a companion piece to the black dragon that will be coming out later this year.

Both of the pieces were shown during GenCon at the Reaper booth. I have since cut the dragon apart and am in the process of keying the pieces for moldmaking. Reaper will also be releasing a generic resin treasure hoard base that would make a suitable display to recreate a diorama of the fantastic box art by Wayne Reynolds.

New Pieces for IMPACT!

 Someone leaked to the "press" that I sculpted a couple of new pieces for Impact! Miniatures again.

The first up is a Valkyrie-esque figure similar to what you may expect to see in a certain dream sequence of a movie involving a bowling dude.

She has two sets of arms to make the figure a little more cusomizable.

The other piece is a hobgoblin cheerleader set to bolster your greenskin team to victory. Or at least to make a lot of racket as they get their heads ripped off. Either way, they should be available soon from the online store at the link above.

 - back to the workbench . . .