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Monday, December 05, 2011

Holiday Sophie 2011

 I wanted to say the 2011 Holiday Sophie Ornament was a really terrific project to work on and I enjoyed collaborating with Reaper Miniatures to make this holiday collectible very special. I wanted to thank Ron, Ed, Tim and Martin for all great collaboration and the opportunity to bring the image and ornament to the fans.

It was a thrill to be able to paint the cover art for Game Trade Magazine's December issue based on Tim "Talin" Collier's design. I worked from a scan of Tim's pencil art and painted the image digitally in Photoshop. It was pretty cool to get to dust off the ol' Wacom tablet and do a bit of scribbling again. Hopefully it did his pencil work justice.

I also wanted to commend Martin Jones on doing a super bang-up job with painting the final ornament. It is also a thrill to see my sculpt work painted by others and his piece turned out exceptional. See if you can spot all the cool names on the list!

Happy Holidays everyone!
 - Patrick (The Sculptdude)