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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Sculpts Available

I just finished painting some castings of sculpts I recently did for Reaper Miniatures. The deadline for this year's Spectrum submissions is this coming Friday so I wanted to have some photos of the new pieces to send in.

The first piece is Shaerileth the Spider Demon. I decided to go with a straight "dark elf" color scheme on this one and went with blacks and violets. There are striped markings on the legs and abdomen in a lighter violet to tie in the skin tone.

My second entry is Takhi the Lupine Arctic Shaman for the Koborlas faction of Reaper's tabletop battle game Warlord. Since he is in a snow covered setting I decided to go with warm browns and grays to make him stand out against the cool colors of the frost covered base. The base is a resin casting which will soon be available from Resinwerks.

Currently I'm working on some new sculpts for Reaper's Chronoscope line and painting up some new figures that will be available soon in addition to starting my new line line of resin cast game accessories and bases. Design work continues to move forward on Reaper's new Warlord book Savage North and I have completed faction symbols and insignias for some of the new armies that will be included in the book. In addition to that I am also working on new designs for a Sci-fi tabletop battle game of my own.

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Unknown said...

Hmm--I hope i'm not re-posting this!

Did you create Takhi? He's a really nice figure! I just picked him up to use for a shaman in my D&D game, there's a dearth of charismatic human/animal hybrid characters. He's a good head or two taller than his friends, but it's a really handsome figure. Thanks a bunch!