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Friday, April 02, 2010

Latest Work

Here is a bunch of new things I recently turned in to Reaper.

To check out more head on over to the Reaper Miniatures Previews page.

February and March were massively busy for us with commission sculpting and working on the new Savage North book for the Warlord game. The design team over at Reaper were taken with the work Vicky and I were doing on the book elements, so they have turned over the layout project to us to handle for the book design. We hope to have a preview copy available by ReaperCon. More on that as it gets further along.

During that time I also completed a fantasy football team of zombies and undead for Roll Jordan Miniatures. The first part of the team consists of 8 different figures, some with additional arms and heads for variety. Here are some shots they posted over at Talk Fantasy Football. I'll be doing some additional pieces for this team as well as some female elves over the next few months.

Impact! Minitures have also posted the first two figures for their Timberline Elf Team. The finished team will feature twelve models in all including some lovely, leafy dryads. Here are the first two that are available now in their online shop.

Currently on the bench are pieces for Dragonblood Miniatures and Secret Skeleton but I'll post those once they get the stamp of approval. The Dragonblood line was recently acquired by Cavalcade Wargames and will continue to release pieces.

I will also be teaching three sculpting classes at ReaperCon in May.
SC10-01: Mastering materials
SC10-06: Basing and Terrain
SC10-08: Anatomy and Armatures
Head on over to the page and sign up. Hope to see you there!


Green Stuff Sculpting said...

These are some pretty impressive sculpts you have going on there. I especially like the big guy, looks rather lovable in a horrid kind of way.

-Green Stuff Sculpting

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