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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sculpts for June

Here is a new batch of greens Reaper posted for June. Some of these figures I finished before Reaper Con but it's been tough getting back on track after the convention.

The henchman figure seems a lime green color due to the putty mix I used for this particular figure. In a never-ending quest to find the ultimate sculpting material I continue to experiment with material mixes to get a satisfactory result. In the case of the henchman figure I added about 30% Magic Sculp to my greenstuff mix. All I had on hand was white so it really lightened up the color. This really cut the elasticity inherent with greenstuff and allowed me to get really crisp details without making the final piece too brittle.

I am currently doing a test piece in Fimo Classic. So far the results are spectacular. I mixed a bit of black into the classic white to give it a nice cool gray color. My eyesight is very pleased. The Fimo remains a bit spongy and so most of the techniques I utilize for greenstuff remains similar. However, since it is not an epoxy the working time remains indefinite until I choose to bake it. Once the casting tests are done I will try to post results.


Jay said...

I thought fimo was a no-no because it wouldn't stand up the heat of mold making.

Patrick Keith said...

Exactly. Fimo ordinarily will have bad things happen to if from regular black-rubber vulcan molds. But, the stuff they are currently experimenting with is a lower temp green rubber that is not as hard on the original. It is similar to, if not the same as, the molds a lot of the European casters are using. We'll see how it goes.