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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robots on the Rampage!

Over the last couple of months I have been working closely with Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games on an ultra-cool new project called JUNK. It is a setting of post-apocalyptic robots with a cool retro design.

Jim was pretty specific in the area of the concept he was looking for which made the fabrication process very smooth. Since these were mechanical characters I was really looking forward to trying a whole new working method involving styrene plastic masters. I fabricated all of the parts from plastic card and rod and had low-temp silicon vulcan molds made for the parts. This allowed me to facilitate the robots as looking manufactured and ensured all of the parts were identical. Then I was able to pose and outfit them as individual characters according to Jim's direction.

The whole process was incredibly fun and really took me back to when I was ten and would sit in my room kit-bashing custom spaceship designs. This is probably the next best thing to working in the ILM model shop that I could hope for.

We have a bunch more of the guys planned along with other really cool designs. To get the initial run check out the link to the Junk page.


Discussion at Frothers.


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