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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pathfinder - King Castruccio Irovetti

King Castruccio Irovetti has been posted in the Previews section over on the Reaper site.
"King Irovetti, ruler of Pitax and potential rival to the leaders of the eastern Stolen Lands, opens his gates and hospitality to the lords of that realm. Within his city of shallow indulgences and crude decadence, he hosts a tournament ostensibly meant to foster friendship and peace, but fraught with dangers all its own."
Pathfinder Adventure Path #35: War of the River Kings (Kingmaker 5 of 6)
I recently completed this sculpt along with several other new Pathfinder characters, some of whom will be displayed at GenCon next weekend at the Reaper booth. If you are at the show, drop by and take a look.

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Chad hoverter said...

Hey Mr. Patrick! That's very awesome!!!