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Monday, February 13, 2012

New work for 2012

I missed an update for January due to being behind schedule from a cold and tendonitis in my right elbow. I'm feeling much better now and have been able to start catching up on projects. Quite a bit has finally left the workbench over the last couple of weeks.

Jim Ludwig over at Dark Sword Miniatures discussed having something sculpted way back in May. After the dust settled from GenCon we solidified the arrangement and he sent me a sketch by Jeff Easley to work from. She is now available to have for your very own. Apparently it made enough of an impression he wanted more. Keep an eye out on the Dark Sword site for some other upcoming pieces based on designs from Larry Elmore's Reflections sketchbooks that I am currently working on.

Easley Masterworks - Female Fighter with Long Sword - DSM4115
My original sculpt made with ProCreate and Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Reaper - Pathfinder Battle Herald
Reaper - Illyrian Dancer

Gangfight Games - Gambler

Reaper - Pathfinder Kirin the Heretic painted by Martin Jones

Fantization/Spectrum - Evil Wizard

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Jeffrey Runokivi said...

You do really great work, sir. Its nice to see some of the stuff you have done for companies with which I am not familiar. My introduction to your work is via the minis you have carved for Reaper. I have to say that my all time favorites are the Illyrians. I am looking forward to this new offering in that line (and many more to come!) I would also like to read some of their back story as well.