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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bombshell Miniatures

I am very excited to finally launch Bombshell Miniatures! Over the last couple of years I've kicked around the idea of starting up my own boutique line of girl-centered figures. After making several new friends in the industry and reaching a level in my own work, I felt the time was right to give it a go.

Many of you may remember when I first started sculpting, I released a small run of original pieces like the Steampunk Cowgirl and the Spider Queen, some of which are still circulating. Being such a new sculptor and not having the exposure of the internet, that first line was a real struggle to maintain, promote and sell.

This time we have a fantastic group of contributors and artists with diverse talent, some of whom have provided work for the big companies and miniatures lines like Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures as well as companies outside of the miniatures industry. I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to collaborate with some of the talented new people and friends I have made over the course of my recent sculpting career. Hopefully you will be as excited with the work we will be putting out as we are.


Nadav Igra said...

Congratulations! I hope it succeeds. The concept is strong enough. Good looking ladies. Sounds good to me!

artdelara said...