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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Pieces After a Long Break

Things have been non-stop around the studio since October '12. I had to scale back on my client work to get all of the things done for the fulfillment on the Bombshell Babes™ Kickstarter project. As of this writing I am putting the finishing touches on the final six pieces which will go to mold next week.

During the production process I was able to produce a few pieces for clients and will now be returning to that work full-time while adding Bombshell like it is an additional client. There will be a bit more work involved in running the company since I am also Art Director and co-owner but my sculpting work will even out.

I will continue to maintain both of the sites, this one for my ongoing client work and the Bombshell site for all things related to that line.

So here are a few things I have turned out during the winter months. These are all pieces that were sculpted for Otherworld Miniatures' IndeGoGo project. They should be available in their web store in the coming weeks.

Another treat is getting to work with Dark Sword Miniatures. I get to sculpt from some of the best classic art in the gaming industry. This set is a party of adventurers based on a drawing by game art veteran Larry Elmore. It is painted superbly by the Brushmistress Jessica Rich.

Also in the mix is a batch of assorted Reaper Miniatures. Some of these are from their Pathfinder line and the Kelpies are for their regular Dark Heaven Legends range.

Painted by Martin Jones - 60149: Winter Witch

Painted by Martin Jones - 60147: Druid and Familiar

Painted by Martin Jones - 60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain

Painted by Martin Jones - 60143: Oriana, Grey Maiden
Painted by Martin Jones - 03645: Kelpies (2)

I'm currently working on tons of stuff and am seriously over-booked again. But, it's certainly good to be busy and in-demand. I'm looking forward to finishing up what's on the workbench and show you what I'm working on next.

The Sculptdude

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