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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Numenera Sculpts

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to accept a project to produce several of the sculpts for the licensed Numenera figures. You can read all about the official announcement over on Monte Cook's site.

Here are the specific sculpts I made for the set. Brett Amundson and Kevin Williams also provided pieces.

The set should be available at GenCon where Monte Cook Games will be selling the Numenera books at the DriveThruRPG booth # 1201. Hope to see you there!


GM Darth Zorg said...

So where can I buy these?

Storminator said...

That last guy looks like Thulsa Doom. Intentional?


Mr Teufel said...

Why no big pic of the birdman?

Patrick Keith said...

Master D - you can get them at

Storminator - I was working directly from the art they provided. Any similarities is on the part of the designer.

Mr. Teufel - The birdman was sculpted by Brett Amundson. I only highlighted the pieces I worked on.