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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sculpting Linna - Boots

Here I will be detailing the boots for the Linna Babe™ for Bombshell Miniatures.
Ordinarily I use the same method for each mini I sculpt. They may be shaped differently but it is essentially the same process.

The first part of the boot is formed as part of blocking out the basic anatomy when the legs are shaped. That is detailed under the section  Sculpting Linna - Anatomy.

After the basic form of the foot and leg has cures I will add details. The putty is a 1:1 mix of straight ProCreate. No Fimo is added to this mix.

I begin by flattening it under a plastic sheet.

The plastic sheet keeps the putty from sticking to the block. I quickly peel the plastic off in a ripping motion.

The flattened putty is then cut into wedges.

These wedges are then wrapped across the front of the foot to represent cuffs. This process is repeated around the tops of the calves just below the knee to represent the boot cuff at the top. These are blended into the legs and then creases and wrinkles are added.

Smaller straps are cut from flattened putty.

These straps are added to the sides of the ankles.

A small notch is cut to form a buckle at the front of the strap.

The raised square area of the buckle is then cut to trim the inside area of the buckle.

All of this is cured before moving on to the drapery next.

You can  check out that process in Sculpting Linna - Drapery.